Anneliese Smith

Position: Trainer

Anneliese joined EDGE in 2012. A skilled moving and handling trainer, Anneliese has more than 30 years experience working in the care sector, which includes the NHS, hospice, care home and domiciliary care settings. She is a registered nurse and has postgraduate qualifications in training and education. Having spent 25 years in Bristol and Bath after she qualified Anneliese now enjoys living in Leamington Spa. Her great delight is looking after her granddaughter and when she is not working she also enjoys attending gym classes, reading and travelling.

Favourite aspect of being an EDGE trainer... Meeting people from all sectors of the care industry and learning about their experiences of manual handling within their work place.

Top Training Tip... The Health and Safety website is a fantastic resource with lots of really useful (and often free of charge) leaflets, guidelines, explanatory notes etc. Take your time to navigate around the site, you will find it is time well spent and it is updated daily with news and events.

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