Geraldine Gawthorpe

Position: Trainer

Ges joined EDGE in 2000 following a career in the NHS as a learning disabilities nurse. Using her experience of working in a range of care settings she quickly established herself as a moving and handling trainer. However Ges’s experience and specialist knowledge in managing challenging behaviour meant that she was the prime mover in designing EDGE Services’ ‘Understanding & Managing Behaviour that Challenges in the Workplace Key Trainer's Certificate' course, and she has since played an important role in training delegates to understand and correctly deal with challenging incidents in their work environment.

Although born in Yorkshire, Ges has recently moved to Cornwall, the lure of beautiful beaches and great surf proving a big pull for this keen body boarder and lover of the outdoors. Ges also enjoys socialising with family and friends, many of whom are now keen to come and visit her in Cornwall!

Favourite aspect of being an EDGE trainer.... The sense that the training delivered makes a real difference in promoting the health and safety of the organisations EDGE works with.

Top Training Tip...When teaching risk assessment skills get your staff to understand the basic principles more easily by relating it to real life situations when you risk assess without knowing it - like crossing a road or boiling a kettle. People will understand ‘hazard’ and ‘likelihood’ much easier this way and by understanding these concepts the notion of risk assessment gets easier for them.

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