Phil Essex

Position: Trainer

Phil joined EDGE in 2010 and has a background in learning disabilities adult nursing particularly training and consultancy in health and social care covering specialties such as managing challenging behaviours. Phil delivers both our moving and handling and our managing challenging behaviour courses.

In his spare time Phil follows sports, especially football and cricket and likes to play golf. He also enjoys visiting historical and archaeological sites.

Favourite aspect of being an EDGE trainer... Meeting delegates from different backgrounds and different working environments. Phil also enjoys visiting new places around the UK in the course of his work.

Top Training Tip... When teaching understanding and managing behaviour courses I get delegates to think about their own behaviour and the causes. What we learn from this is the vast majority of behaviour is a form of communicating our needs to others and this is the case for our client’s too. Our clients are not inherently difficult/non-compliant/awkward they are simply trying to communicate with us. They have needs and they want to let us know what they are.

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