ADDITIONAL E-Learning Programme for EDGE-Trained Delegates

As part of our commitment to enhancing the service we offer, all EDGE-trained Key Trainers, who hold a valid 'people' or 'children' handling certificate can now access an additional FREE and exclusive Resource Library and E-Learning programme by clicking on the Resources tab at the top right of our website home page.

The second e-learning module is up and running! The module is designed for front-line staff to enhance their understanding of the risk assessment process. The module covers ergonomics, the steps required to undertake a risk assessment as well as the employee’s responsibilities. There are 10 multiple choice questions, usually taking between 30-60 minutes to complete. Key Trainers can view both Module 1 and 2 first before deciding whether it is appropriate for their delegates to complete. Full guidance on how to access the e-learning can be found on the inside front and back covers of the EDGE Services Key Text Book.

To access the system you will need to enter your surname (this is as your surname appears on your EDGE Certificate and is case sensitive) and your EDGE Delegate ID number. This five digit number is found on the bottom left of your EDGE certificate.

The feedback regarding the Resource Library documents and the E-learning programme so far has been really positive and we hope that those already using them continue to find them useful, and can benefit from the additional e-learning module.

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