Author of ‘How to get Outstanding’ Launches New Campaign to Share Best Practice

Former care home manager and best-selling author Isaac Theophilos has launched a new campaign to share best practice.

#missionoutstanding aims to break down barriers within the care home sector by sharing best practice across the nation.
Isaac said: “The intention is to spread the excellent working ideas to share nationally. We want to bring the sharing of best practices to the next level now.”

Individuals working in care homes are invited to write 800 to 1000-word blogs sharing their best practice on how an innovative solution has worked for them.The blog will be emailed to more than 10,000 people working in the care sector and shared widely on social media. Each contributor will receive a £50 Amazon voucher for sharing their practical knowledge.

Isaac added: “The idea can be something simple or a complex change, but it has to be innovative to attract and benefit our readers. People can write about the ideas they have implemented in their care home that have resulted in positive outcomes for residents, staff or the community they are serving. The purpose is to share best practice resulting in improving the quality of care. People can write on any aspect of the care home.”
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