Dementia Care Update 2005 & Developing the Best Environment for Dementia Care

At the beginning of this month York played host to the Dementia Care Update 2005 and the Developing the Best Environment for Dementia Care conference. The events were organised by Hawker Conferences, in association with Dementia North and Bradford Dementia Group, and aimed at all healthcare professionals working in dementia care.

Issues raised at this year’s Dementia Care Update 2005 included a discussion about developing partnerships to improve care for people with dementia, relationship-centred care and how best to apply this to dementia care practice and recent medical and scientific advances in the prevention and treatment of dementia.
Day two, Developing the Best Environment for Dementia Care, focused on ‘challenging’ behaviour and understanding the importance of emotional, psychological and environmental factors in dementia care; enriching the sensory environment in dementia care and how to design buildings and interiors to provide the best physical environment for people with dementia.

EDGE Services exhibited at the events to raise awareness of our ‘Train-the-Trainer’ courses and explain how they can be tailor-made specifically for healthcare professionals who work in dementia care. Our ‘People Handling and Risk Assessment Key Trainer’s Certificate’ can be adapted to meet the needs of those working in dementia care with regards to the safer moving and handling of clients. Our ‘Managing Violence and Aggression in the Workplace Trainer’s Certificate’ course trains delegates to train others in a ‘person-centred approach’ to meeting challenging situations, taking into account the needs of the dementia patient.

All in all, it was a fascinating two days and we look forward to exhibiting at forthcoming conferences from Hawker Conferences. For a full list of Hawker 2006 events contact Shital Patel at [email protected].

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