English 'Short-Changed on Care Funding'

New analysis undertaken by the Health Foundation using official spending and population data has produced figures which show that public spending on care for the elderly and disabled is much higher in Scotland and Wales than in England.

In England, £310 per person is spent each year on services such as care homes and home help for daily tasks such as washing and dressing. But in Scotland, £445 is spent - 43% more than in England - and in Wales it is £414 - 33% more.
The Health Foundation said the differences were "huge" and had a major impact on the care that could be provided by councils to these vulnerable groups.
These figures come to light after the BBC revealed that a number of councils are at risk of running out of their reserves if current spending continues.
Care spending is likely to be a significant factor in this given it accounts for more than half of local authority budgets.
Ministers in England have promised that new plans for care, including funding, will be published soon.

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