Forward Planning - Moving and Handling Practical Skills Training

EDGE Services has put together guidance – in the form of a number of Info Sheets - in response to the coronavirus outbreak; we hope that you and your staff have all found these useful.

Another question that we have been asked about during this pandemic, in addition to those we have addressed in our info sheets, is the availability of a detailed video of people handling practical skills, that our Key Trainers can utilise under extreme circumstances such as these, in order to train their front-line staff in safe moving and handling practical techniques ‘from scratch’.

EDGE Services understand that, due to social distancing and increased workload during this, and any such future, pandemics, the scheduling of our delegates' onward training courses has become very difficult to arrange. In usual circumstances this video training would not be considered best practice by any and all of our professional healthcare/social care bodies - and as I am sure you know, EDGE Services always adhere to best and safest practice.

We also however recognise that the coronavirus pandemic is not considered 'usual circumstances' and we want to reassure all of our clients and delegates that, alongside our already existing video of 80 minutes of filmed practical people handling skills (which is currently available to all EDGE-trained Key Trainers as part of their course materials), we are planning on putting together a longer and more detailed version that could be utilised to train your staff in moving and handling practical skills, limiting the need for face to face training, should such extreme circumstances be presented to us all again.

We hope to begin working on this video once social isolation restrictions have been eased and we will be sure to keep you updated as to its progress.

In the meantime we encourage you to continue to keep in touch with EDGE via our news pages: and social media sites: Facebook (@edge) and Twitter (@edgehandling). A member of our team is picking up messages regularly and can put you in touch with one of our trainers should you require any clinical advice.

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