‘Homesharing’ Schemes Going From Strength to Strength

‘Homeshare’ schemes are a relatively new idea first started in the US and expanded to the UK in the 1990's and are really taking off in many boroughs across the UK. The idea of the schemes is to match young people (often students) in need of less expensive accommodation to older or less able-bodied people who would benefit from support in the home and companionship. The schemes have found to be hugely beneficial to both parties and have gone some way to help with the current shortage of formal care beds.

The idea has been extensively taken up in many parts of London where students and young professionals are struggling to pay expensive rental rates in the city and where many older home owners are finding themselves living alone and needing support but reluctant to hire full-time carers or to move into a care home.

Jessica Robson a ‘Homeshare Project Worker’ based in London says ‘The current economic downturn means that many younger adults, especially those in full-time education, are finding it very difficult to fund their studying as well as living costs particular in the more expensive areas of London. They want decent accommodation sometimes for up to four years at a time but simply cannot afford inner city prices.

Older people however are on the opposite end of the spectrum – they often have lovely homes that are warm and comfortable but want a bit of help with the upkeep of that home or perhaps some help with daily care. The two parties match brilliantly. Of course not every pairing works that well, but my experience is that with a little patience most of them do.’

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