Motorised Bed Pushers Help Staff With a Moving and Handling Problem

It has long been recognised by staff in surgical wards and operating theatre settings that pushing beds and trolleys along hospital corridors can be a real manual handling headache.

To this end a hospital on Merseyside has introduced motorised bed pushers. The cost of the 11 devises purchased by the University Hospital Aintree was £115,000. The bed pushers are designed to provide a smoother ride for patients being taken to and from surgery, along corridors with a one in ten gradient.

Project Manager Mr Ken Cookson said “The device allows staff to give full attention to the patient. Training is now under way and the first patients are benefiting from the investment. The new trolley pushers, which can easily be fitted to 95% of Aintree hospital beds, are the culmination of a lot of hard work. There is no doubt that the end result is a smoother experience for patients, especially those heading to and from surgery. It also benefits the staff accompanying the patient by addressing manual handling issues.”

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