National Back Exchange Conference 2009

Three EDGE trainers recently attended the National Back Exchange’s 2009 conference at Hinckley Island Hotel near Leicester. It was a very informative conference with some innovative speakers. The opening speech, conducted by Lesley Jenkins a behavioural analyst, was not only interesting and valuable, but fun and humorous. It detailed how people have different behavioural traits and how one can learn to identify with each.

A variety of different sessions were attended by each of the trainers in order to gain a wide range of knowledge. Examples of these sessions were: ‘Emergency Evacuation in the Community’ which looked at how to evacuate residents using emergency equipment, quickly and efficiently: ‘Selection and Application of Slings’ looking at identifying the correct sling and measuring it for the client: ‘Natural Patterns of Movement’ discovering how we move and applying this to care of clients and ‘Exploring the Legal Minefield’, by Pat Alexander, which involved information on evidence gathering and the use of this in legal cases.

There were many interesting speakers present who were exploring a range of subjects. One of these was Professor Khan who looked at ‘Getting work to work for you – staying in or finding a job with back problems.’ This looked at how the workforce is affected by sickness and absence and ways in which this can be tackled, taking a more positive approach. He talked of ‘fit notes’ being introduced and the ways in which employers can support their employees in cases of long or short term sickness.

Another informative speaker was Hanneke Knibbe who had carried out research in four different countries, UK, USA, Germany and Holland. This research was looking at ‘The Care Thermometer’ a tool which can be used in health care to monitor the progress of polices which have been implemented to prevent muscloskeletal disorders. She also detailed how the research could show that by using ‘The Care Thermometer’ the quality of these policies can be improved.

The venue for the conference was delightful. It was well laid out with many different exhibitors showing new and exciting products. It was light and airy and had leisure facilities to allow you to unwind after a day at the conference.

Overall the conference was a good opportunity to make new contacts and connections with companies and colleagues alike, and to build on those already made. It was an enjoyable event which had been well organised and had a good range of speakers and sessions to suit everybody’s needs and workplaces. We look forward to seeing everyone at the National Back Exchange Conference of 2010 and being able to build on those relationships made this time and form new ones.

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