NBE Conference 2005 – Conference Concurrent Sessions

At Edge Services we like to keep up to date with current issues within the healthcare industry particularly with regards to moving & handling which is why we attend events such as the National Back Exchange Annual Conference. The annual conference, aimed at healthcare and moving & handling professionals, provides delegates with the opportunity to discuss recent developments and issues and catch up with colleagues.

One of the concurrent sessions at this years NBE conference was ‘From theory to implementation, practical application of the RCN guidelines in the workplace’ (Emma Crumpton, Ergonomist). This presentation detailed the research undertaken by Loughborough University and the Heath & Safety Executive (HSE) to look at the effects of compliance, or not, with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) competency based manual handling training guidance. The aim of this research was to measure the effectiveness of the competency based training on the manual handling behaviour of the staff.

The results of the research indicated, among other things, that compliance with the competencies seem to reflect a higher level of problem solving therefore reiterating the fact that training is simply not enough if there are no checks in place to ensure that it is being transferred into practice

Another session titled ‘Assessing the competence of staff when managing the falling or fallen client’ (Claire Mowray, South Buckinghamshire PCT and Mike Betts (Luton & Dunstable Hospital) discussed currently unpublished HSE statistics, suggesting that in spite of training, the number of staff injured whilst either catching a falling client or controlling their descent is significant. This study highlights the need for proper training in this area to protect staff, as well as clients, from the risk of injury.

The study found that it is indeed possible to assess the competency of staff whilst managing the fallen or falling client provided that the assessment is carried out in the workplace. Talking to some members of care staff about the study revealed that a significant number do not feel confident in their ability to deal with a fallen, falling client due to lack of training which is not good news for them or their clients.

Assessing practice and compliance to guidelines is all very well and without doubt a step in the right direction, staff however need to feel confident in their own abilities after receiving training to be able to adhere to the guidelines and improve their practice in the first place.

Many of Edge Services’ courses are ‘Approved by the Royal College of Nursing Accreditation Unit’ and will therefore ensure that you and your staff meet their moving and handling guidelines. We also cover how to deal with the fallen or falling client so that delegates can reduce the risk of injury to themselves and to their clients. Our post-training support service means that once you have returned to work, one of our trainers is only a phone call away and always willing to help. See our course page for further details on what Edge Services’ courses can offer you.

If you would like more details about concurrent sessions at this years NBE conference please see the November Issue of The Column or contact the NBE via their temporary website address at http://home.btconnect.com/nationalbackex/

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