NBE Proposed standards for Trainers and Training

The National Back Exchange is working towards setting up standards for trainers and training. Among the qualities they believe people working as trainers should be looking towards is; the ability to work in a team; the physical ability to demonstrate good practice and a practical solving approach to moving and handling issues. For their training standards the NBE are looking, among other things, to implement a stringent system of planning & recording, training delivery and to standardise the elements of training to be delivered.

The Edge Services ‘People Handling and Risk Assessment Key Trainer’s Certificate’ course already follows a thorough training agenda which ensures that each delegate attending their course leaves with the skills and resources to deliver their own one day moving and handling sessions which are guaranteed to help staff meet their legal obligations. For further information, please visit our course page.

If you are interested in reading about the NBE’s proposed trainer and training criteria, please visit their temporary website address at http://home.btconnect.com/nationalbackex/

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