New Vetting and Barring Scheme Announced

Stronger safeguards to protect children and vulnerable adults were announced by the Government in March ahead of the launch of the new Vetting and Barring Scheme which will come into effect in October 2009.

Additional safeguards and around five million more jobs and voluntary positions will be covered by the new scheme which will be administered by the Independent Safeguarding Authority. The scheme covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Additional safeguards commencing in October will include:

  • A reduction in red tape – Two barring lists will be organised by a single organisation, the Independent Safeguarding Authority, rather than the three lists currently maintained by two different Government departments: Protection of Children Act (POCA), Protection of Vulnerable Adults (PoVA) and list 99.
  • The introduction of ‘regulated activities’ – People included in the new barred lists by the Independent Safeguarding Authority will be barred from a much wider range of jobs and activities than has been the case under previous arrangements.
  • A new duty to share information – Employers, social services and professional regulators will have to notify the Independent Safeguarding Authority of relevant information so that individuals who pose a threat to vulnerable groups can be quickly identified and barred from working with these groups.
  •  New criminal offences – It will be a crime for a barred individual to seek or undertake work with vulnerable groups, and for employers to take them on.
    From July 2010 all new entrants to roles working with vulnerable groups and those moving into these roles will be able to register with the Vetting and Barring Scheme and be checked by the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Registration with the scheme for employers will mean that they can be continuously informed, on line, of an employee’s suitability to work.

The Home Office Minster Meg Hillier said “The Vetting and Barring Scheme is designed to offer a more stream-lined, faster system of workplace vetting for those working with children and vulnerable adults building on existing good practices.”

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