New Video of Practical Skills making Distance Learning a Possibility

EDGE Services trainers spent some time in August filming an extensive range of people handling skills as a resource to be made available to our Key Trainer qualified delegates.

The new video is as a direct response to requests from our customers that we have received during the recent pandemic to make a video resource available to enable distance learning.

The new video is split into five separate modules (four out of the five modules have now been filmed with the 5th expected to be filmed in early 2021.) The modules enable the Key Trainers that we have trained, and who hold a current certificate from us. to deliver practical people handling skills to their front-line colleagues remotely via a video conferencing system such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.

The modules increase in complexity as staff move up the modules and cover over 50 individual practical techniques in total. Techniques demonstrated and explained that don’t involve equipment include:
• Getting the client ready to stand.
• Sit to stand techniques.
• Chair to chair transfer techniques.
• Managing the slouched client.
• Managing the falling client.
• Assisted walking etc.

Plus, a very wide range of equipment (both small handling aids and larger pieces of kit) are demonstrated and explained including:
• Managing the fallen client with equipment.
• The use of handling slings and handling belts.
• The use of turntables/rotating boards.
• The use of transfer boards.
• The use of rotating turners and perched transferring aids.
• The use of slide sheets and in-bed turning systems.
• The use of oval gliding boards.
• The use of a very wide range of hoists and slings including a gantry hoist system etc.

The videos are expected to be available from December 2020 to all successful Key Trainers who have attended our training, and we feel sure that they will prove yet another invaluable resource from the team at EDGE Services.

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