NHS Data Shows One in Four Care Staff Still to Receive First COVID Jab

NHS Data published on 25 March 2021 shows 76.6% of staff in elderly care homes had been given their first jab as of 21 March. This figure stood at 71.5% on 21 February 2021 so progress appears to be slowing.

By contrast, 93.7% of elderly care home residents had received their first dose as of 21 March.

The lower uptake suggests a significant number of care home staff are continuing to refuse to have a vaccination despite the efforts of providers to persuade them of the benefits to themselves and their residents.

Earlier, this week the government was reported to be considering making vaccination mandatory for all health and social care staff, a suggestion which has divided opinion amongst care leaders.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “We are making it as easy as possible for care home staff to receive the vaccine with more than three quarters already having received at least one dose. We visited every eligible care home in England, offering vaccinations to all residents and staff by mid-February and are currently making second visits. Health and social care staff play a crucial role on the frontline of this pandemic and encourage those who have not yet had their jab to come forward.”

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