NHS England to be Reformed

Reforms of the NHS in England, that will see the law changed to reverse reforms of those introduced under Prime Minister David Cameron in 2012, have been published in a White Paper on 11 February 2021.

The planned restructure will enable health and care services to work more closely together, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it will mean a focus "on the health of the population, not just the health of patients."

The timing of the changes has been brought into question by Labour, but ministers believe the changes will put the NHS in a better position to cope with an ageing population and a rise in people with complex health conditions with Mr Hancock telling MPs that the pandemic has made the changes more, rather than less urgent.

The new system would see the NHS and local councils take decisions about local health together. "Integrated Care Systems" – organisations which already exist in some parts of the country - will be set up in each part of England and be responsible for funding to support that area's health, providing a holistic and preventative approach to treating the ill health of individuals.

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