NHS Manual Handling Passport Scheme for UK?

The ‘All - Wales NHS Manual Handling Training Passport and Information Scheme’ was introduced in January 2003. The aims of the scheme were to ensure that manual handling training remain consistent within participating Trusts and to encourage the sharing of resources between Trusts.

According to those who have been closely involved in its development and progress, the benefits of the scheme include the recognition of training provided by other trusts; the improved consistency of training/standards; the sharing of information and resources between Trusts which, has consequently lead to a reduced need for training resources; a reduced risk of litigation; a healthier workforce and finally, the introduction of this scheme has set the minimum standard for manual handling in Wales.

The scheme has prompted interest and support from NHS Trusts and workers throughout Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, so much so that Dr Steve Coppell, Head of Operations of the HSE Wales, organised a conference ‘United Kingdom Manual Handling Passport Scheme – first steps’ on 22 – 23 June 2005 in Cardiff, to serve as a platform for the development of a UK wide scheme.

The conference consisted of series of speakers, some of whom have been closely involved in the implementation and development of the scheme in Wales, they explained the aims and benefits of the scheme, detailed its current status within Welsh Trusts and then proceeded to examine its ongoing development, and furthermore included representatives from the HSE, NHS Employers, UK NHS Trusts and the All Wales Group, who each stressed their support of a UK-wide scheme based on the success of the Welsh one and discussed how it could be achieved over the coming years.

For further information on the proposed UK-wide NHS passport scheme please contact the National Back Exchange (their website is currently under reconstruction) at [email protected].

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