OUT NOW - 'People Handling Skills DVD (3rd Edition)'

The new 2010 edition of EDGE Services 'People Handling Skills DVD (3rd Edition)' is now available and for a limited time only is being held and the 2006 (2nd Edition price) of £60+VAT per unit.

The DVD is approximately 90 minutes long and contains a full range of people handling practical skills being demonstrated by experienced EDGE Services trainer’s. There are 68 moves in total demonstrated including chair moves, chair transfers, bed moves, application and removal of slings, hoist practice etc There is a new range of ‘Advanced Techniques’ demonstrated also including client emergency evacuation from beds and chairs.

This edition contains approximately 14 new techniques, and 4 new pieces of equipment.

As with previous editions of our DVD it is designed as an ‘aide memoire’ for trainers who hold a current ‘People Handling and Risk Assessment Key Trainer’s Certificate’ with us.

We are sure that this will prove to be a useful tool to enable you to continue to deliver high quality, up-to-date people handling training to your colleagues.

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