May 07 2013

Breakthrough for Sufferers of Chronic Back Pain

Recent research conducted by the University of Southern Denmark has turned much of the established thinking about chronic lower back pain on its head. Over a period of ten years the Danish team have studied tissue collected from sufferers and found that nearly half of the samples were infected, most often by propionibacterium acnes more generally known as the cause of… Read Full story

Feb 15 2013

Large Care Home Group Fined after Death of Elderly Resident Following a Fall

A large UK-based care home group has been fined £57,000 after an elderly resident in their care died when she fractured her neck in a fall during a manual handling transfer. The company pleaded guilty late last year in a Scottish court of breaching section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act, 1974 which led to the fatal injury of an 88 year old female resident. Read Full story

Feb 15 2013

Care Agency Held in Raid Leaving Elderly Lady without Food

Mrs Gloria Foster 81 was left without medication food or water for nine days after the domiciliary care agency who were supposed to be caring for her was closed in a police raid. The agency which was based in Cheam, south London was raided on suspicion of employing illegal immigrants and was raided by both the Metropolitan Police and UK Border Agency officers in January… Read Full story

Nov 28 2012

Are You Ready for 'Ofsted'?

In order to address what he describes as a ‘crisis in care’, Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is to propose a new ratings system for hospitals and care homes similar to the Ofsted system that rates schools. Read Full story

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