May 18 2017

Increase in Bariatric Patients Puts Pressure on the Ambulance Services

Ambulance services across England have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds to ensure vehicles can cope with a growing number of obese patients. The number of admissions of bariatric patients has increased from 52,000 in 2006 to 520,000 in 2016 and ambulances are being specially-designed and equipped to transport obese patients to hospital. The north west had the… Read Full story

May 08 2017

NHS Pay Cap ‘Must be Lifted’

NHS Providers claim the pay cap, which limits pay rises to 1% a year to 2019, is causing severe recruitment and retention problems in England and NHS bosses say it must be lifted because it is putting patient safety at risk. Read Full story

Mar 13 2017

Study Reveals Increase in Attacks on NHS Staff

Attacks on NHS staff in England are sadly on the rise with almost 200 assaults on doctors, nurses and other NHS staff being reported each day. Figures published by NHS Protect showed a total of 70,555 staff assaults in 2015-2016, which was an increase of 4 % on the previous year. However according to recent research undertaken by the BBC, NHS Protect, the body set up to… Read Full story

Feb 20 2017

Encouraging Someone with Dementia to Get Outdoors

"Unforgettable", who are a not for-profit business that focus on social and/or environmental outcomes, (known as a B-corporation) based in the UK have released some ideas on how to encourage someone with dementia to get outdoors, while addressing some of the concerns about the risks and practical problems they might face in doing so. Read Full story

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