May 06 2016

A Quarter of UK Care Homes are at Risk of Closure

Recent figures obtained by BBC Radio Four suggest that more than a quarter of care homes in the UK are in danger of going out of business within three years. About 5,000 homes are at risk of closure because they carry too much debt and do not make enough profit to cover loan repayments. Figures suggest that on average care homes make £17,647 in profit before tax. In… Read Full story

Feb 25 2016

Life Expectancy Reaches its Highest Level for over 65s

The length of time people can expect to live once they reach milestones in old age has reached a record high, a new report from Public Health England (PHE) has revealed. Figures show that for those aged 65, men can expect to live for another 19 years and women a further 21 years. However, there is concern that too many older people are living longer in poor health. Read Full story

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