Stress – Making the Management Standards work.

If you have read our feature ‘Stressed to Kill’ you will be aware of just how big an issue work-related stress is in today’s workplace.

Considering how many methods there are in place to help employers prevent and control work related stress there are staff who continue to suffer. Tackling work-related stress effectively can result in significant benefits not only for the victim, but also for their clients, colleagues and employers.

Employers have a legal responsibility to safeguard their employee’s psychological, as well as their physical, health and safety. This said, the RCN survey ‘Working Well Survey, 2002’ stated that 11% of nurses had a similar profile to people deemed to be in need of psychological therapy, yet only half of these staff were provided with counseling or other treatment.

Tuesday 2nd November 2005 was ‘National Stress Awareness Day’. The H.S.E and the International Stress Management Association held a joint conference to raise awareness of stress in the workplace and provide guidance on how to implement the Stress Management Standards in your organisation.
As part of this conference there was a live webcast. Those interested who were unable to watch on the day will be able to view a highlights package on the HSE website on or about 7th November 2005.

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