The NHS to Continue the Pressure on its 'Crutch Amnesty' Amid Concerns Equipment is Still Going to Waste

The NHS is to continue the pressure on the national “crutch amnesty” to deal with the continued concerns that perfectly good medical equipment, particularly mobility equipment, is going to waste cluttering up homes across the country.

Patients are being urged to return wheelchairs, walking frames, walking sticks and other aids as part of the continued war on waste across the NHS.

There is a fear that thousands of perfectly usable crutches, wheelchairs and walking sticks were being binned by householders, wasting precious NHS resources.

The NHS spend over £3million per year on walking aids alone and only 10 of every 50 pairs of crutches are ever returned. It spends over £1million on walking frames with 870 walking frames being issued by just one NHS Hospital Trust last year alone.

Patients are being advised to return items to their local NHS hospital or clinic, or ask family members to do so on their behalf, as soon as they are no longer in use. This should enable NHS staff to re-use items as they see fit.

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