What's in a Name?

It has recently been decided, with effect from 1 November 2007, to rename our 'Managing Violence & Aggression in the Workplace Key Trainer Certificate' course as:

'Managing Challenging Behaviour in the Workplace Key Trainer Certificate'

Since first introducing the 'Managing Violence & Aggression...' course to our portfolio it has developed, as any course should, in response to the needs and feedback of the delegates  who attend. It has become apparent that some potential clients are "put off" by the words 'violence and aggression' becasue they do not always reflect the situations in which staff are likely to find themselves - nor do they wholly reflect the contant of the course itself as it has evolved over the years. The new title, we feel, better conveys the appropriateness of the course to those who are as likely to face challenging situations in a dementia care setting as they are aggressive youths in A&E on a Saturday night.

Those who have attended the course under its ole name need not be concerned as the course content has not, in fact, altered; the course still meets the standards set by the Institute off Conflict Management; and the renamed 'Refresher/Update' will still be appropriate for those who have attended the course under its original title.

To mark the change, we are offering places on the following courses at discounted rates:

11-14 December 2007 - Birmingham £575.00+VAT (Discount ref: MB/BIR/X6)
17-20 December 2007 - London £675.00+VAT (Discount ref: MCB/LON/X7)

Please quote the appropriate discount reference when booking online.


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