Complex Care Needs (Manual Handling) - Key Trainer's Workshop

Course Overview

The aim of this workshop is to give experienced health and social care staff who are already skilled in manual handling task and equipment further knowledge and hands-on experience in the skills of handling adult clients who have complex care packages.

It is designed for those who might be bed bound with very dependent care needs. They may be clients with conditions that involve involuntary movements, limb contractions etc*.

*Please note that due to the medical complexities, EDGE Services are unable to advise on clients who are intubated or ventilated or who have complex spinal injuries.

Who Will Benefit?

This one day workshop is designed for staff who hold a current 'key-trainer' people handling and risk assessment certificate from EDGE Services. This is an add-on session for EDGE- trained key-trainers who require guidance on more complex manual handling.

Assessment and Certification

Course assessment comprises;

  • a practical skills assessment by the EDGE trainer.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement from EDGE Services.

Course Aims and Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have a better understanding of equipment and techniques to help manage manual handling tasks for client’s with complex needs;
  • Have a better understanding of the importance of postural management for client’s with complex care need;
  • Have a better understanding of the key principles behind effective risk management for clients with complex care needs;
  • Be able to demonstrate the safe use of hoists for more complex care cases including the application and removal of slings using equipment such as slide sheet gloves, Easy Glide boards;
  • Be able to demonstrate positioning clients in bed to include wedges, in-bed management systems including WendyLett, Biotechsis and Immedia 4-way glide systems;
  • Be able to demonstrate a product review of an in-bed management system to evaluate the most effective system for a client’s needs;
  • Be able to demonstrate a safer way to combine in-bed management systems and hoists;
  • Understand the safe use of the Vendlett V5S, or similar, patient turning systems;ยท
  • Be able to demonstrate aids to assist with dressing a client with complex needs;
  • Undertake a risk assessment using a scenario to consider the options to manage a complex needs client currently, and as their condition changes.

Post-Training Support

Valid for the duration of your certificate, this unique service provides invaluable support to you after the course has finished. Our helpful trainers are available to answer any queries you may have once you return to work.

Available In-House
This 1 day course is available in-house across the UK
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