People Handling and Risk Assessment Key Trainer’s Certificate

Our flagship course has established EDGE as one of the leading providers of training to the healthcare and social care sectors.

Course Overview

This four day course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to train others in the moving and handling of people and in the conducting of manual handling risk assessments.

Who Will Benefit?

This course is for those with a responsibility for health and safety and welfare of staff and clients with regards to the moving and handling of people.

Assessment and Certification

Course assessment comprises:

  • a one hour, 15 minute ‘open-book’ assignment to determine your theoretical understanding of the course content;
  • completion of a risk assessment document based on a case study as a group activity;
  • a practical skills assessment, which takes place continuously over the final two days of the course.

This course is quality assured as an Advanced Level 4 Customised Award by RoSPA Qualifications. Furthermore, it is a Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) Approved Learning Award, certified by the CPD Certification Service and aligned to the Skills for Health Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF). Upon successful completion of this training you will receive a certificate from EDGE Services and an Advanced Level 4 Customised Award from RoSPA Qualifications. Both certificates are valid for two years.

Course Aims and Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will:

  • articulate a good knowledge of the key piece of legislation ‘The Manual Handling Operations Regulations, 1992 (as amended)’ and how it affects them as employees and how it affects their employer:
  • describe how the key legislation affects them, their job, their employer and employees:
  • broadly describe spinal function and how to reduce the risks of spinal injury, including the benefits of adopting improved posture;
  • explain the key principles of biomechanics and how they can be applied to the efficient movement of patients/clients;
  • identify the means by which ergonomics and anthroprometrics can be used to reduce manual handling injuries;
  • demonstrate a sound knowledge of the importance of risk assessment and the ability to undertake manual handling risk assessments appropriate to their working environment;
  • articulate a good knowledge of previously seen ‘controversial techniques’ in relation to some manual handling manoeuvres and explain why some of these manoeuvres have been classed as such;
  • demonstrate the ability to undertake a range of manual handling manoeuvres more safely in their specific working environment, and show a good understanding of the use of patient/client hoists and slings, and a range of small manual handling equipment;
  • demonstrate the knowledge and confidence to convey manual handling theory and practical skills to others.

Post-Training Support

This unique service provides invaluable support to you after the course has finished. Our helpful trainers are available to answer any queries you may have once you return to work.

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Public Dates
Oxford28th – 31st May, 2024 28th – 31st May, 2024 £905£805 Book
York28th – 31st May, 2024 28th – 31st May, 2024 £905£755 Book
Exeter28th – 31st May, 2024 28th – 31st May, 2024 £905£805 Book
Glasgow4th – 7th Jun, 2024 4th – 7th Jun, 2024 £905 Book
Peterborough11th – 14th Jun, 2024 11th – 14th Jun, 2024 £905 Book
London18th – 21st Jun, 2024 18th – 21st Jun, 2024 £1050 Full
Manchester25th – 28th Jun, 2024 25th – 28th Jun, 2024 £905 Book
York9th – 12th Jul, 2024 9th – 12th Jul, 2024 £905 Full
Edinburgh16th – 19th Jul, 2024 16th – 19th Jul, 2024 £905 Book
Cardiff16th – 19th Jul, 2024 16th – 19th Jul, 2024 £905 Book
Oxford23rd – 26th Jul, 2024 23rd – 26th Jul, 2024 £905 Full
Brighton30th Jul – 2nd Aug, 2024 30th Jul – 2nd Aug, 2024 £905 Book
London13th – 16th Aug, 2024 13th – 16th Aug, 2024 £1050 Book
Birmingham27th – 30th Aug, 2024 27th – 30th Aug, 2024 £905 Book
Peterborough10th – 13th Sep, 2024 10th – 13th Sep, 2024 £905 Book
Exeter17th – 20th Sep, 2024 17th – 20th Sep, 2024 £905 Book
Glasgow17th – 20th Sep, 2024 17th – 20th Sep, 2024 £905 Book
Middlesbrough24th – 27th Sep, 2024 24th – 27th Sep, 2024 £905 Book
York8th – 11th Oct, 2024 8th – 11th Oct, 2024 £905 Book
London8th – 11th Oct, 2024 8th – 11th Oct, 2024 £1050 Book
Edinburgh8th – 11th Oct, 2024 8th – 11th Oct, 2024 £905 Book
Oxford15th – 18th Oct, 2024 15th – 18th Oct, 2024 £905 Book
Glasgow5th – 8th Nov, 2024 5th – 8th Nov, 2024 £905 Book
Cardiff12th – 15th Nov, 2024 12th – 15th Nov, 2024 £905 Book
Birmingham12th – 15th Nov, 2024 12th – 15th Nov, 2024 £905 Book
Manchester19th – 22nd Nov, 2024 19th – 22nd Nov, 2024 £905 Book
Brighton26th – 29th Nov, 2024 26th – 29th Nov, 2024 £905 Book
London3rd – 6th Dec, 2024 3rd – 6th Dec, 2024 £1050 Book
Edinburgh10th – 13th Dec, 2024 10th – 13th Dec, 2024 £905 Book
Oxford10th – 13th Dec, 2024 10th – 13th Dec, 2024 £905 Book

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Available In-House
This 4 day course is available in-house across the UK

Course Accreditations:

  • CPD Member
  • CPD Certified
  • Royal College of Occupational Therapists
  • Quality Assured by RoSPA Qualifications as a Customised Award - Level 4
30 Learning Hours - EDGE Services

Course Materials Comprise of:

  • A professionally bound, full colour and illustrated course text book.
  • A full colour ‘Ideas’ book with training tips.
  • Access to our exclusive online Resource Library which includes all onward training materials (agendas, PowerPoints, notes, handouts, quizzes etc), additional Information Sheets, Skills Sheets and Training Tools and six modules of moving and handling practical skills videos.
  • Access to our exclusive e-learning programme designed to cover the theory content of people handling training for ‘front-line’ staff.

All the above and more are included in the course price.

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