Single-Handed Care Package - Key Trainer's Workshop

Course Overview

The aim of this workshop is to give experienced health and social care staff who are already skilled in manual handling tasks and equipment further knowledge and hands-on experience to consider the potential for reducing care staff numbers and/or care visits in a community setting.

Who Will Benefit?

This one day workshop is designed for staff who hold a current 'key-trainer' people handling and risk assessment certificate from EDGE Services. This is an add-on session for EDGE-trained key trainers who are required to consider single-handed care packages within a domiciliary care setting.

Assessment and Certification

Course assessment comprises:

  • a practical skills assessment by the EDGE trainer.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement from EDGE Services.

Course Aims and Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the limitation of reduced care packages and the importance of effective risk assessing and risk management;
  • Undertake a risk assessment exercise utilising a scenario as presented by EDGE Services or utilising a scenario from a real work setting, if made available by delegates and appropriate to the task;
  • Discuss and rationalise the decision-making process of the risk assessment findings with the group;
  • Demonstrate and practice the safe use of larger transfer equipment (as available) that can be utilised with one care worker these will include, but not limited to, the following: standing transporters such as Sara Stedy or similar, standing turners such as ReTurn or similar;
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply and remove hoist slings while working independently utilising equipment such as slide sheet gloves and small equipment aids such as EasyGlides;
  • Demonstrate safer hoisting practises whilst working independently utilising mobile/passive, ceiling track and/or gantry hoists as well as active stand assist hoists;
  • Demonstrate the safe use of bed positioning equipment such as bed ladders, bed levers, etc.;
  • Demonstrate the skills for positioning utilising in-bed management systems such as WendyLett, Phil-e-slide, Immedia Etac or others as available;
  • Demonstrate the safe use of wedge cushions as appropriate;
  • Demonstrate effective ways of combining both in-bed management systems and hoists to enable personal care;
  • Demonstrate the safe use of an ergonomic kneeling system such as the Ergo Kneeler for undertaking clinical and therapeutic care as required;
  • Observe a demonstration, either by a product representative or manufacturer’s video, of a bed turning system such as Vendlet V5S system;
  • Observe a demonstration, either by a product representative or manufacturer’s video, of an emergency lifting chair such a Raizer chair.
  • N.B. The option for a demonstration of the Vendlett V5S and Raizer chair is on request

    Post-Training Support

    Valid for the duration of your certificate, this unique service provides invaluable support to you after the course has finished. Our helpful trainers are available to answer any queries you may have once you return to work.

Available In-House
This 1 day course is available in-house across the UK
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