Announcing Video Production Underway

EDGE are pleased to announce that at the end of this month the EDGE Trainers are going to be filming a detailed video of people handling practical skills.

Unlike videos we have put together in the past (this will be our 7th version) this video is specifically designed to enable our Key Trainers (those individuals trained by EDGE Services and currently holding a Key Trainer's Certificate from us) to deliver and supervise a practical skills training session remotely.

The video will guide the trainer and the person/s they are training through a wide range of practical people handling skills. For ease and convenience, the video will be divided up into several clearly detailed modules taking the learner/s through a number of practical skills and developing their knowledge and understanding as they go. The learner/s will be able to see and practice basic skills such as safe assistance with sit to stand right through to complex hoisting scenarios. They will get to see a wide range of equipment and be encouraged to problem solve to enhance their learning throughout.

We hope the video will be available from the Autumn and we are really positive about how it will assist people handling training sessions in the workplace during these challenging times.

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