Boris Johnson Vows to Fix Social Care Crisis

In his first speech since becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has pledged to fix the social care crisis. He said:

“My job is to protect you or your parents or grandparents from the fear of having to sell your home to pay for the cost of care. And so I am announcing on the steps of Downing Street that we will fix the crisis in social care once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve.”
During his campaign to become Prime Minister, Mr Johnson vowed to gain cross-party agreement for a more equitable solution to fund dementia care. Further details of how this will be achieved is yet to be made clear.
The Prime Minister’s focus on social care was welcomed by Executive Director of the National Care Forum Vic Rayner, who said:
“The PM says he has a detailed plan to address social care – and we look forward to understanding as soon as possible what that looks like – and how it will address immediate requirements – as well as looking towards a long term solution for future funding for all adults. It is critical that the plan put forward addresses the agenda of people – not just that of political expediency.”
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