Moving and Handling - Swedish Style

One of our trainers attended a two day event in Leeds recently conducted by Nordic Care Services a Swedish company that specialises in manufacturing people handling equipment. The session was presented by Hakan Skenhede who delivered a really fascinating session looking at movement patterns, principles behind moving and handling techniques and how equipment can best be used to affect the most efficient moves.

Day one focused on understanding body balance, natural movement patterns and how to apply these to moving somebody in a number of different situations. The day was very practical and we were able to consider moving and handling in the operating theatre setting as well as the home and care home settings. We considered the movement patterns of children as well as the morbidly obese and those clients who display challenging behaviours.

Day two focused on the use of small handling aids and how to use equipment in quite radical ways to get the most from it and ensure efficient movement patterns were being utilised by the handler. The equipment we looked at included transfer boards, devices to assist with the movement back into the chair for a slouched client, bedding/slide sheet systems as well as rota stands etc.

The two days was very useful and we are looking forward to be able to incorporate many of these principles and ideas in future EDGE courses.

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