The BBC Take a Look at the Older Generation

The BBC is launching a series of TV and radio programmes this week called ‘When I am 65’ that will look at the experiences of older people in the UK today. The first TV programme in the series is called ‘When I Get Older’ and will be broadcast on Wednesday 4th July at 9pm on BBC1.

There will be a number of TV programmes and radio shows in the series and will include presenters such as Gloria Hunniford and June Brown and will feature ‘phone ins and interviews with older people and those who have an impact on their lives.

There are 10.3 million people aged 65 or over in the UK today and this figure is expected to rise to 16.4 million by 2033. This generation could face debt, isolation, marginalisation, severe cut backs in health and social care funding amongst other things – many of which have not been felt by this generation in previous years.

It is the hope of the BBC that by exploring the everyday lives and struggles of older people in Britain today and confronting some of the issues that they face that we might be able to improve the care and support that we give people in later life moving forward.

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